Litening is a fully remote branding and design agency. We live and operate in the cloud — which is a parallel to real life phenomena of lightning — utilizing the internet and technology to its full potential. Our tools and processes live in the cloud with us and this enables us to hire some of the best talent for a project, without limitations to location, anywhere in the world.

We help businesses, marketing directors, and marketing departments by saving time on the branding and design process, consulting on what is best for them and their audience, and discover & deliver on the platforms that are best for advertising their brand.

Discovery is at the heart of what helps cut through the red tape and bottle-necked processes. We create not what our clients want, but what they truly need, what their targeted audience will respond to with only a handful of guided back-and-forth feedback sessions.

Overall, we exist to electrify our clients’ visual projects and assist in their digital marketing efforts.


“Lite” is a tech term that is synonymous with software in the digital age, essentially meaning: nimble and less complex. It’s a natural fit for what we do and how we operate. The word “lightning, one of mother nature’s most powerful elements, is always associated with speed. While not every project is best served by being done quickly, we’re obsessed with efficiency and the systems we operate under help us deliver fast when needed.