Litening is a fully remote branding and design agency based in Arizona. We’ve grown a wide network of designers, developers, and motion graphics artists to help with jobs that require a lot of elbow grease.

We help businesses, marketing directors, and marketing departments by saving time on the branding and design process, consulting on what is best for them and their audience, and discover & deliver on the platforms that are best for advertising their brand.

Discovery is at the heart of what helps cut through the red tape and bottle-necked processes. We create not what our clients want, but what they truly need, what their targeted audience will respond to with only a handful of guided back-and-forth feedback sessions.

Overall, we exist to electrify our clients’ visual projects and assist in their marketing efforts.


“Lite” is a tech term that is synonymous with software in the digital age, essentially meaning: nimble and less complex. It’s a natural fit for what we do and how we operate. The word “lightning, one of mother nature’s most powerful elements, is always associated with speed. While not every project is best served by being done quickly, we’re obsessed with efficiency and the systems we operate under help us deliver projects fast for our clients.



I’m an Emmy-Award winning designer/animator and I’ve been working in design and visual arts professionally for about 13 years. I’ve created, and have experience with, almost every kind of graphic you can name or think of. I decided to start a business revolving around what I do in order to help small-medium businesses get quality visuals that are tailor-made for them to help with whatever their business goals may be.

I started designing websites in high school, began crafting motion graphics in college, and translated those skills directly to the start of my career at KOLD-TV (CBS) in Tucson, AZ.

After 5 years in the Broadcast Television industry, I hopped to KVOA-TV (NBC) as Design Director. While there, I sharpened my skills and workflow more, specifically in establishing an organized art department and improving the level of quality of on-air broadcast graphics.

After working for a video production company in Scottsdale, AZ, I kept sharpening the edge of my motion graphics capabilities as well as venturing deeper into web design and development.

In 2018, I founded Litening. A remote-only design agency with the goal of providing marketing relief to businesses who aren’t sure where to turn for quality visuals that properly reflect their business.


Miss Mack is a rare breed of communicator who excels at staying on top of things when schedules, budgets, and projects get complicated. Her professionalism never goes unnoticed, especially by our clients. 

Emily has over 7 years experience in project management and expert communication as well as having a keen eye for spotting brand identity issues, she’s invaluable to have and help smooth out everything when the storm of production gets turbulent.


Estevan is a full stack developer that helps squash bugs and build custom code solutions from scratch. When needed, he’s always ready to jump into website front-end building as well. Without his help, many websites wouldn’t have been successfully built with tight deadlines and his expertise isn’t limited to just development. 

Estevan also excels at technical SEO, SEO Keyword Research, and Content Marketing.


Tad’s a firm believer that film and photography need a human touch. That’s why he fell in love with the craft of filmmaking. Tad applies this human touch and his keen creative eye towards live action video for our client’s needs and overall bolsters Litening’s video capabilities.

Learn more about Tad’s own business in the wedding filmmaking world: TSCinema.com


Michael is a storyteller at his core. He has worked in film and video marketing for over 10 years and knows that it’s about storytelling.

Throughout his career, he has worked in every aspect of production including writing, producing, directing, production, and of course post-production. With his experience in marketing, Michael focuses on bringing our client’s story to a wide range of screens – anywhere from television to the web and social media.